Grandpa Steve Taylor

So there is a really special person joined Heavenly Father in August. I can’t really get him out of my head (or heart) lately.

I thought I would share a little bit about him from my point of view. So my grandpa Taylor lived in Alaska the whole time I can remember him. He was always sweet and kind but quiet. My mom said that one of his favorite phrases was “an empty wagon always rattles” and Grandpa was pretty quiet but when he did talk it was always smart, or witty, you wanted to make sure you were listening.

from what I can remember Grandpa was happy was happy with small things. He was a typical outdoorsy cowboy who loved to hunt, fish and spend time with his family. he grew up with a simple life and lived a simple life too.  Mom tells me that she grew up on a dairy farm that grandpa managed and he never grew out of his love for farming and good old country livin’. When he passed away and my mom asked me to sing a song for the funeral to play at the memorial service I asked if he had a favorite song and mom said she always remembered he loved country. So I sang “Go rest High on that mountain” 

The first time I remember meeting him, I believe I was around the age of 8. We traveled as a family up to where my grandma was working as a cook at a gold mine and grandpa was there to work on machinery. At first I thought he didn’t like be because he was so quiet, but soon I realized that was just grandpa and I enjoyed sitting with him, with his arm around me. I remembered he told me he loved cherry pie and pickles. (Random memory I know).

Since I lived so far away from my Grandpa and Grandma Taylor I haven’t gotten a chance to know them as well  as I would have liked, but they always meant so much to me. I love you Grandpa and God be with ’til we meet again.


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