Restaurant Style Salsa

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I love this recipe because it is so flexible. I will list out the recipe and ingredients but realize that you can switch things out according to diet and what you have in home. For example my brother cannot eat any form of peppers, but he does enjoy a bit of a kick in his salsa. Over time he has just avoided all salsa because it would upset his stomach. One of the things about this salsa is that you don’t even need peppers in it to give it a kick. I will explain more.

I will give you a warning though…it is very addictive!

Try out this recipe and let me know what you think.

This is my first time doing a time lapse video, so be nice – I know it isn’t perfect. I thought it would be more visually interesting. The recipe I am making in the video is 1/2 my recipe above and I added green onions because they were in my fridge. Play with the recipe and let me know!

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