LEGO The lord of the Rings

Lego lord of the rings

Not all Fiction I enjoy is books. I really enjoy playing games too, both board and card games, as well as computer games. One of the games that I loved because it was very family friendly and very fun was Lego The Lord of the Rings.

My husband and I have seen all of the movies including the extended editions and we loved this version of Lord of the Rings the best. We felt that it was able to deliver the story in a lighthearted manner without getting too heavy and deep into violence or darkness. We also loved that it was a lot more interactive than the movies! So for those of you who are huge fans of the of Lord of the Rings and want your young kids to get into the story without exposing them to too much blood and gore, this is a good way to go!

The quality of the game was high-we have played quite a few Lego games and we loved this one because it used the actual voices from the movie. We also thought the game-play was awesome and very creative, the graphics were also very well done and very creative!

The music in the game was very reminiscent of the music in the movie and therefore was awesome. It also was not too distracting, so you felt like you could accomplish the different tasks without the music distracting you.

We have played all of the content in the game that you can play including all of the achievements. We loved how even when you finished the story line you still could go through and accomplish different tasks and play around in Middle Earth. today is not this day!

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