Zero G by Dan Wells


So I have an Audible subscription and every once and a while they will offer free books to add to your library. One of these books was Zero G – I picked it because it seems up my alley. Lighthearted and si-fi. I recently ran out of credits so I can’t purchase my next book on my wish list so I decided to give this one a go.

Now, I do a lot of driving, I realize that it may not be as some but for our little family it seems to be a lot. One of the main things that helps to ease the tediousness is audio books. This book is a total of 4 hours and 8 min long. It has a full cast and Audible says it is in the category for ages 8-10, and it says that it is a series.

I started to listen to it one night as i was doing some work from home and I knew that if I turned on Netflix then I wouldn’t be able to focus enough to get my work done. Adam (my husband) was listening in too and asked that I listen to it at home so he could know how it ended.

Again, since the story is only 4 hours long, it is very short. It felt like it has room for your imagination to go somewhere. I found that I was thinking “what if” and “what happens next”.

Zero is the main character, and he is on a spaceship that is bound for a new planet with thousands of other people. There are plans to colonize the planet upon arrival. The occupants of the ship will be in stasis for over 100 years while they travel, but something goes wrong with Zero’s pod and he is released too early.  His initial excitement of roaming the ship and eating the delicious food all by himself is quickly turned into a heart-stopping adventure when a family of space pirates show up trying to hijack the ship and take the passengers into slavery, all the while they are blissfully unaware of the danger at hand. Only Zero can stop the Pirates, and he does it Zero style!

Over all, it was an extremely good read good for all ages. As I stated earlier, both my husband and I wanted to listen to the book together, and we chose to do this over Netflix, although we are book nerds… so there is that.  There is a full cast who acts the book out and they all do a great job!! I highly recommend this book!

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