Book Review- The Icebound Land #3 (The Ranger’s Apprentice Series)


Author- John Flanagan

Description- This fantasy/Adventure series about a Ranger

Review-Will and Evanlyn are kidnapped by the evil Lord Morgarath and are now bound for Skandia as captives and will be put into slavery. Halt and Horace work together to rescue them and defy the king while doing so.

My take on it- This is probably the darkest book i read in the series. It goes in pretty deep into the hardships that will and Evanlyn face during slavery. It still drew me in wanting to know how it would end and Will and Evanlyn would get out of this difficult situation and it was also very fun to see the bond developed between Halt and Horace as they are determined to rescue their friends from the scandians.

Awards-John Flanagan has won the Australian Publishers Association’s Book of the Year for “Older Children and the International Success Award” for Erak’s Ransom

Recommended Grade Level- 6.6 according to Scholastic book

Reviewed by- Kristen Gedeborg, Avid reader and stay at home mom, 2/29/16

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