Book Review- Battle for Skandia #4 (The Ranger’s Apprentice Series)


Author- John Flanagan

Description- This fantasy/Adventure series about a Ranger

Review-Evanlyn and Will fight for their freedom and Will is still weakened by the toxic effects of Warmweed. Evanlyn is taken captive by a Temujai worrier and Will tries to rescue her but is outnumbered by an enemy scouting party. Halt and Horace show up for a last-minute rescue. The joyful reunion is cut short when Halt makes a discovery  that the Temujia army has breached the Skandian border and Araluen is next.

My take on it-  I really enjoyed the developing relationship between Evanlyn and Will and this book was a lot more emotionally powered than some of the other books. I really enjoyed being in Will’s head to understand what he might be going through.

Awards-John Flanagan has won the Australian Publishers Association’s Book of the Year for “Older Children and the International Success Award” for Erak’s Ransom

Recommended Grade Level- 6.6 according to Scholastic book

Reviewed by- Kristen Gedeborg, Avid reader and stay at home mom, 2/29/16

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